It was a lively training programme at CPEH. Dr. Narayan Bardoloi is a simple yet impressive personality. He is an excellent academician. I feel very fortunate and privileged having trained under him. Fooding, lodging, outing etc. all arrangements were good. It was a lifetime experience and

      Dr. Rajesh Joshi     ||     Read More  

Dr. Narayan Bardoloi is a wonderful teacher. His morning classes are informative. His surgical skills, observations and his Phaco tips go a long way in the PDP. He has been very helpful and taught me with great patience. It was a pleasure to be taught by him. I am grateful to him and his e

      Dr. Roopashree Matada     ||     Read More  

I am very blessed to learn Phaco under your guidance. Staff of the hospital was very cooperative. Accommodation and food quality of the hospital is excellent.

      Dr. Ajay Jain     ||     Read More  

I have come from Tamil Nadu. An ophthalmic surgeon with 23 years of ophthalmic practice in my town. I am now a student learning, updating, refining my skills throw Alcon PDP. I must be thankful to Alcon people for choosing CPEH, Jorhat and Dr. Narayan Bordoloi. Undoubtedly I feel itís a ri

      Dr. P. Ramesh     ||     Read More  

I came here I saw I conquered partially my fears about phaco. I knew problems are common but attitude makes difference. You all taught no ABC of phaco like mey parents helped me grow when I was child. I was really impressed and overwhelmed with your institutes training techniques. I was ha

      Dr. Ashok P Thadhani      ||     Read More  

I came from Kolkata to here to learn Phaco as per advice of my friends. Theye told me if your want to learn Phaco Ė it should be Dr. Narayan Bordoloi. Today I have no hesitation to say that they are hundred percent correct. Dr. Narayan Bordoloi Sir is very immaculate in teaching his way i

      Dr. Pranotosh Roy      ||     Read More  

Phacoemulsification is a recent advances in medical sciences. I was not confidently with eye surgery by surgery by using phaco machine. Fortunately I have been supported from Alcon Company to develop my phaco technique at Chandrprabha Eye Hospital, India. There is a standard eye hospital i

      Dr. Heng Chirang     ||     Read More  

This Phaco programme gave me excellent idea regarding the phacodynamics, gave consight into the right steps to be adopted starting from patient preparation to postop care. Excellent guidance I recovered from Dr. Bordoloi for which I donít have the words to express my heastfelt gratitude. I

      Dr. Jisha K      ||     Read More  

It has been a great experience in my lifetime being in CPEH in Joahat. I have no words an measure to appreciate Sir, Dr. Narayan!! He is simply amazing and a prefect role model for all opthalmologist. I can feel positive likes all around Sir, his entire hospital family. I had come here for

      Dr. Rupa Jain     ||     Read More  

A very big thank you to all the staff here. They are all friendly and dedicated to the institution and their work. I had heard about Dr. Narayan Sir learning from hsi has been a great experience. Being at cross roads of my life after this program I have gained confidence not only in Phaco

      Dr. Rajagopal Kunnatur     ||     Read More  

These my heartfull thanks and gratitude to Bordoloi sir for giving me this opportunity to undergo this training under his guidance. I have vase experience in working/ training in other institution like Aravind Madurai/ LVPEI, Hydrabad. But I can very broadly say my experience, guidance and

      Dr. Rooshitha Bejan Singh     ||     Read More  

I must say training here in CPEH, Jorhat a true hands on training. I never ever thought that Sir, Dr. Narayan Bordoloi a renowned eye surgeon would span extra time for teaching to a trainee in his busy schedule. But it was beyond my expectation he everything right from taking classes to ha

      Dr. P. Subhajit     ||     Read More  

Thanks for all the support and guidance extended by you during my Phaco training there. It was wonderful training part in my life. I am sending a traditional sweet from Tamil Nadu. It is special here and rich of iron content. Please distribute to all family members and staff.

      Dr. R. Ramesh & Dr. Meena Kumari     ||     Read More  

First of all I want to say that, this hospital is an example of a place with healthy and pleasant working environment. I feel nobody wants to leave this place. During this 12 day Phaco development program I got a wonderful experience which I can not express in words. Dr. Narayan Bordoloi

      Dr. L. Bordoloi     ||     Read More  

I donít have words to describe the passion Sir has to teach and get the best out of each surgeon. I wish if becomes one of the best Phaco training centers in the future. My thanks to Dr. P. Kalita Sir for his useful tips when I was start at the middle of surgery. My sincere thanks to all t

      Dr. Chandra Shekar CS     ||     Read More  

First of all I would like to thanks and congratulate Dr. N. Bordoloi and his excellent team. For the efficient support and care provided in his esteemed institution. I was amazed to see how efficiently he has trained his team to carry out such a heavy load of duties associated with patient

      Dr. Priyanka Kakar     ||     Read More